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Annual Dues

Dear AIA Members, 
As you know, our fiscal year commences on July 1st.  Our annual dues are $25 and have not been increased for at least the past 10 years.  For this renewal year the board has unanimously approved at our April meeting, an increase to $35. 

We have made this decision primarily to reflect increased costs and the addition of current and planned activity.  Specifically,
  1. Our directors’ liability insurance, our largest expense, will be increasing. 
  2. We have joined FOCA as communicated to you in February.  This costs the Association $4 per member versus $40 if paid individually.  The benefits are very good including legal support, cottager’s insurance, and advice on maintaining water quality and MUCH more.  Click here for FOCA Member Benefits summary and their Legal Help Line.
  3. We have assembled a Land and Development Committee reporting to the board.  I chair this committee.  We have been primarily focused on the Tozser development, which is now in the appeal process with the Ontario Land Tribunal given the rejection by TML.  We expect that AIA will continue to be involved here, as well as guard against other off-side development on Acton Island moving forward.  Hence, we are building a small fund to provide for outside advice when and where needed.
  4. We have started a project to update our website, while not investing any time or money in our Facebook page, all based on input from our member survey in 2021.
  5. We plan to enhance our social gatherings, albeit these will be principally user pay.
  6. With no expense, just effort, we plan to keep building our programs to add value to our members just like our Propane Program which saved many of our members a significant multiple of our annual fee.
  7. Last, we watch our costs diligently.  For example, the use of Mailchimp to sharpen up on our communications, is a free service.
I truly hope that you have an appreciation that we are working hard for our members.  We hope that you see that our new annual fee of $35 is relatively small when considering the benefits we are now providing.

We have now reflected this increase on our on-line payment system on the website.  Click here to pay please. 

Michael Lewis
Acton Island Association

AIA Board of Directors

Michael Lewis, President & Lead on Land Use & Development 
Hugh Kerr, Immediate Past President & Board Legal Advisor
Malcolm Foulkes, Secretary
Stephen Randall, Treasurer & Lead on Road and Water Safety
Phil Randall, Director & Lead on Membership, Communications & Marketing  
Howard Day, Director & Lead on Special Projects
Sandra Taube Godard, Director & Lead on Social Programs & Member Engagement
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